Pubg New State for iOS (iPad /mac)

Pubg! Pubg! Pubg! Wherever we go, we listen about it. It is on everyone’s mouth, from a small child to an old-aged person. But, yes, some fools might not be speaking in favor of this decent game. This is the craze of Pubg. But do you think, what if Pubg New State comes to this … Read more

Pubg New State Lite

After getting the news of the Pubg New State alpha version, you would be eagerly waiting to release the Alpha version. Whether you have a device for it or not, or your device is a better gaming phone or not. We know that it would not affect your patience for this game. As it is … Read more

Pubg New State for PS4

With the launch of this public new state, it has been proved that gaming has no limit if we talk about its thrilling fun and experience with graphics. Suppose you are playing on Android devices, or iPhone, or a laptop. There is a possibility that you may be bored. But if you are playing on … Read more