Pubg: New State for Android mobile

Good news has come for being happy, Pubg has brought its brand new battleground, talking about the Pubg New State.

Here we talk about what will happen in this brand new Pubg: New State.

We will also talk about ways in which Pubg: NewState can be played on Android mobile.

Updates on Pubg New State

A few months ago, leaks were coming that there will be a brand new version of Pubg. And now Pubg has directly launched its trailer for a brand new awesome update.

Here we are not talking about Pubg mobile, but Pubg: New State is altogether a new game.

The trailer which came has blown the mind of every gamer because of its gameplay and specifications.

The game is set in the year 2051 with an 8*8 map named Troi.


Troi, which was once a peaceful city, is now destroyed because of its poverty.

On this battlefield, there will be 100 players with squad members. Gameplay is similar to that of Pubg mobile.

Only the difference is its ultra-realistic graphics, deadliest weapons, and innovative vehicles and drones.

And that’s the only difference that makes this game a legend in the world of games. If compared, this one game will have to combine two or three games to get to the level of Pubg New State.

Those games might be Pubg + GTA + COD.

And hence it can be called the god of the games. Isn’t it?

Is Pubg: New State is for Android phones?

If you are confused with this type of question, then I think you are not updated with our article.

Let me tell you that as of now, Pubg New State is only for Android users!!!

Isn’t it shocking? Yes, you might be.

This year in February, krafton has opened its pre-registration, not for iOS users, not for Windows users but only Android users.

On the second hand, Android users gave a positive response by giving them 20 million pre-registration.

Everyone got amazed, so Krafton that only pre-registration for Android users and that too only in the United States crossed ten million+ Pre-registration.

Later on, they updated that after testing the alpha version in the second quarter of this year, they will increase its fan by releasing it in different countries.

Moreover, in the second quarter, they will also open the pre-registration for the iOS user.

How can we play Pubg: New State on android?

At present Pubg New State can be played only on android phones.

Suppose you are an Android user and haven’t registered yet. Leave us a moment and first go and write on Pubg: New State.

We will be waiting here.

Registered? Nice. If you have pre-written successfully, you will be awarded some legendary items when you open the game the first time.

If you want to play Pubg New State, your device must be compatible and have some good specification.

Since Pubg New State has ultra-realistic graphics which needs a high gaming processor and maximum RAM storage.

For your device to be compatible, it must have a minimum of 3 GB RAM and Android 6.0 and above.

This is the minimum requirement to be met for playing Pubg New State.

Moreover, if you want to have the best experience with this game, it must run smoothly on your phone.

Your device must have the latest gaming processor, such as Snapdragon 888+ processor or a MediaTek dimensity 700 processor, to get immense pleasure.

And the RAM storage must be 6GB and above to get more smoothness while playing the game.

Is Pubg New State available for Android users in India?

This is sad to hear when the link was given to pre-registration on the Google Play Store.

When we clicked the link, the Google play store opened, and Pubg New State was available, but below it was written in red.

“Sorry this game is not available in for android users of our country. “

Felt sad about it. Since Pubg was banned in India, pre-registration is only done in the United States, and the alpha version of this game can be played in the US only by limited users.

This sadness won’t stay long, since according to the leaks, it will be available in India too is not much time after the release of the Alpha version.

So stay safe and stay happy.

Last words

We hope that all your confusion about Pubg New State in Android mobile would be cleared. Still, if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

We feel happy to help you.

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