How to Pre-register for pubg new state

We know you are impatient and must have full of the hustle and bustle in your mind when you have watched the gameplay of the alpha version of Pubg New State.

To date, only Android users were fully enjoying the coming of brand new ultra-realistic graphics games, which have made their mark in the world of the game.

But now, the new updates from the official of Pubg New State have extended the users’ happiness. We will talk about all its stuff in this content so just read on.

The reality is that it is the best-known graphics plus the thrilling game wherein it’s going to have no competitor by its side in the coming years.

Timeline of  Pubg New State

until February, every gamer has only one word in their mouths, and that was Pubg. But Pubg studio wanted to extend this one word to three words and gave an update.

PUBG New State logo

An update was unbelievable, but a trailer proved it, and then two words were added for the gamers to speak, and that is Pubg New State.

This game moved the gamer’s expectations to a greater extent when we talked about the game’s graphics and gameplay.

Since then, pre-registration for the alpha version of the game started too for Android users only and only in certain countries. Pre- Registration process will be discussed in a further section.

Trailers after the trailer came making the gamers impatient for the game and released the alpha version of the game on the 11th of July and closed it within the week since it was only for testing purposes.

It was really over our expectations, full of thrilling and realistic gameplay.

When 20 million+ users were pre-registered, it made the officials very happy and happy news.

iOS users will receive their pre-registration options on their device at the beginning of August month. They updated this with the new trailer.

Why should you pre-register for the game Pubg New State?

Keeping gamers’ state of mind, the answer would be that it will benefit you with the new gifts in the game.

If you pre-register, you can get permanent exclusive limited vehicle skin, which can be similar to what you saw on the official website of Pubg New State.

Pre-registration is done just to survey how many users will be there and the level of craze for the game.

This helps the developer to make the game servers ready. So that while playing the game, users must not face any issues in the server.

How to do pre-registration in Pubg New State?

Now the time has come where all your patience and craze of the game will meet at a point.

As we informed you earlier, you will benefit from the exclusive permanent skins of the vehicle when you open the game for the first time.

So to get this reward, you must pre-register for the game. Wait wait!

Oh! Ok, let’s go; first we will talk about:-

How to pre-register for Android users?

If you are an android user, then you are lucky from the beginning. You don’t know why? Don’t worry, and you will get the answer very soon.

So, for registration to Pubg news state, follow the steps given below.

First, you need to go to the official website of Pubg New State.

There you can see about the rewards and advantages of pre-registration.

Scrolling down, you will see the pre-register option for Android users only.

Click on it, and you will be redirected to the Google Play Store.

You will find the icon of Pubg New State there, and below that pre-register option will be there.

Click on it and mark out the option of automatically download when it is released to be downloaded first on your phone.

So following these steps, you can easily pre-register for Pubg New State and get the exclusive rewards for the game

How to pre-register for iOS users?

If you are an iOS user, let me be true and tell you that it’s very sad for you to believe me that this sadness won’t last long.

If you go to the official website of Pubg New State, you will find the pre-registration for only Android users. To date, pre-registration has not come for iOS users. Now you just got your answer.

But as I told this, sadness won’t last long as the official has updated that pre-registration for iOS users will be available on the first day of August. So be happy.

Once pre-registration for iOS is available, you can follow the above steps for Android users since the steps are similar.

Last words

We hope that we can provide you all possible knowledge about the pre-registration of Pubg New State for both iOS and Android users.

If you have any doubts or questions, just feel free to ask; we are here to help you.

If you like this, just make sure to give feedback and share it as much as possible. This will make us the better version than the previous one.

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