Pubg New State for iOS (iPad /mac)

Pubg! Pubg! Pubg!

Wherever we go, we listen about it. It is on everyone’s mouth, from a small child to an old-aged person. But, yes, some fools might not be speaking in favor of this decent game.

This is the craze of Pubg. But do you think, what if Pubg New State comes to this gaming world?

Well, I think while I remain awake, I will think or will play it. Or even when I stay asleep, I will dream about it or become a character in that gameplay in Pubg New State.

Here, we will have some good news and bad news on Pubg New State for iOS devices in this content.

Gameplay in iOS

We play as many times on Android or PC. So we will have fun and the most intense moment too. But I will miss something too. Do you think what?

You will get the answer, have patience and go on.

Bionic chip. You might have heard about it. Like androids have Snapdragon and MediaTek, while PCs have intel; similarly, iOS has a bionic chip.

It is called a processor. And bionic is not only a processor, and it’s a place where we can take heavenly pleasure.

In Android, we play these highly rated games with chaos and fun, including lags and low frame rate, and even get crash for some time.

But with a bionic chip, we don’t have any problem with it. It is lag-free. Since this bionic chip almost always acquires the first position in its speed, frame rate, touch rate, and processing speed.

Above are a few statements that I said only because I want to relate that Pubg New State, which will release its alpha version for testing, is incomplete unless we play it iOS.

News on Pubg New State for iOS devices

A few lines above, there was sadness. And I spoke like that because you might know the reason.

I spoke like that because Februarykrafton has released the pre-registration for PUBG NEW STATE in Android mobiles only.

The registration was not for iOS devices. It hurts more when we have the capability, but we are not given a chance. This line best suits here.

A few days back, when they launched the new trailer for Pubg New State, they updated that the Alpha version for Android mobile will be found in a few days.

Only the Android users from the United States will be lucky for testing of Alpha version. And even there will be a limited number of users for testing.

It was all about the bad news for iOS users and the good news for Android users.

In the updates, we got more information, or we can say that it was only condolence.

With the Pubg New State alpha version launching, they will open the pre-registration for iOS users. They added that it would happen very soon.

The thing is that we can’t do anything. Only we can wish or pray to god that make it happen as fast as possible. So we are having not have much patience.

Pubg New State for iOS in India

Wait! Let me add something more to the update.

It is not good news for Indian Pubg lovers. As of now, everything which I talked about above was not for Indian users. We are unlucky.

You will be sad to hear that, in February, when pre-registration of Pubg New State was open, we tried to register by opening the link.

The Google Play Store Pubg New State game was present, but it was written in a bold red letter that registration is not open in our country.

Since Pubg is banned in India, our loved krafton is trying its best to plead Indian government.

But as we know, that Pubg Indian version, well-known Battleground India pre-registration started a few days ago. This gave a strong hint for game lovers.

Hint in the way that krafton will find any possible way to launch Pubg New State in India.

There is a strong possibility that, when the beta version of Battleground India will be launched, Krafton may open the pre-registration for Pubg New State, too, for both Android and iOS users.

Well, as I told you, we can’t do anything. So let’s have patience and pray to good for showering blessings on us, the Pubg lover.

Last words

After reading this content, you might not have any confusion regarding the Pubg New State for iOS users. Still, if you have any confusion or any questions, please ask. We feel pleasure to help you.

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