Pubg New State Lite

After getting the news of the Pubg New State alpha version, you would be eagerly waiting to release the Alpha version.

Whether you have a device for it or not, or your device is a better gaming phone or not. We know that it would not affect your patience for this game.

As it is known that there are solutions for every problem. Hence there would be no alternative for pubg new state if you don’t have a suitable device.

The best and only known alternative can be the lite version of pubg new state, and here we are going to talk about it.

Updates on Pubg New State

This year in February, pubg new state trailer was released, and the pre-registration was opened too. Hopefully, it crossed 10 million and above registration by Android users only.

They also said that the Alpha testing version of a Pubg NewState for Android users would be released in the second quarter of this year.

They recently updated that the pubg new state Alpha version will be released very soon, and also the pre registration for iOS users will be open very soon.

Pubg new state has a map named Troy of 8×8 area. The gameplay is set in the year 2051 with ultra-high realistic graphics.

The idea used in the making of this game is very excellent. The guns and vehicles are so destructive and innovative that they will give you immense pleasure while playing this game.

Need for Pubg New State Lite

After watching the trailer of Pubg new state, we can conclude that the game is a combination of the Pubg PC and Pubg mobile.

We can directly relate to it because the graphics of pubg new state are similar to that of Pubg PC, and the gameplay is identical to Pubg mobile.

Since this pubg new state comprises two different high-quality games, most probably Pubg new state would also be a game with more extensive storage.

And therefore, to play pubg new state, your device must be compatible. The device’s RAM should be greater than 2.5, and the version of Android must be greater than 7.

Hear the problem is not over. Even if your device has 4GB ram and the latest Android version but not has a good gaming processor, it will not work out.

Our device may face severe lag during the game, intense situations, or even the game will be crashed.

But don’t worry since every problem has its solution.

What is a lite version of any game?

If the game is too laggy to be played on the phone, the developer provides an alternative game to be easily played on that phone.

And this alternative is called the lite version. In the lite version, the developer just reduced the original game’s features and made a new one with low graphics.

And since it has minor features and low graphics than the original game, it can be played on mobile with common specifications.

If we talk about the previous heavy game such as:

  • The size of the original Pubg PC is 30GB, while the size of its lighter version is 4GB.
  • The size of Pubg mobile is approximately 4GB while the size of pubg mobile Lite is 1 GB.

The light version of Pubg New State

We can see that for every version of pubg craft, and has provided us their lighter version in the past.

Therefore it can be concluded very clearly that there can be the light version of pubg new state too, which can be played in the low-end device.

So no matter whether you have a low device or a high device. As there would be the lighter version of pubg new state.

In both the case of Pubg PC and Pubg mobile, after few months of the release of its original version developer released their lighter version.

So the only thing we have to do is wait for the release of its original version, which can be in July or August.

And hence Pubg New State Lite can be released by the end of this year.

Last words

You might be eager to play pubg new state, but at the same time, you might be confused whether it will be supported in your device or not. But after reading this content, you must be assured that the light version of pubg new state will be launched till the end of this year. And hence it is nothing to worry about.

Still, if you have any questions, feel free to ask them. We will be happy to help you.

If you like this content, please give feedback and share it with your friends. It helps us a lot.

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