Pubg New State Early Access

With thrilling fun, the advanced version of pubs mobile, krafton is going to release the Pubg New State.

Pubg New State is the game set in the year 2051 with advanced weapons, vehicles, and technology used in it. You will be amazed to know that no sooner do the pre-registration open in February by the krafton, and pre-registration crossed 10 million.

But February went so long when pre-registration opened; still, there is no update on when krafton is going to release this game officially.

If you lose your patience for playing Pubg New State, we will tell you just to hold on. News has come that krafton will release its alpha version, where you will get to play and feel the immense pleasure of the Pubg New State game.

What is the updated news on Pubg New State?

In February, krafton opened the pre-registration for Pubg New State for an android user in US. The trailer was launched too.

You must have seen the advanced weapons and vehicles used in the game for playing in the trailer. This would have increased your craze for playing Pubg New State.

Now it is the third month after the pre-registration. It would help if you were quite impatient for listening to any updated news on the launch date of Pubg New State.

Let me tell you that news has come that krafton is going to launch its Alpha version for testing the game before launching the original version officially.

Also, it will open the pre-registration for iOS users. Pre-registration has its advantages. Not only will it award you with the gift once it launches the Pubg New State game officially. But also calculates the craze for the game to motivate them to bring the best part of the game.

Can Pubg New State can be early accessed in India?

In YouTube, if you search about Pubg New State gameplay, you will find the videos in large numbers. Even the Indian YouTubers are uploading the videos on Pubg New State gameplay.

But do you have faith in them? If your answer is yes, let me tell you, you are being bluffed.

First of all, krafton has launched its versions, neither alpha nor any beta version. So if you find any videos on its gameplay, you can report it for spreading wrong information.

Yes, krafton has updated that it will launch its alpha version very soon. So you have to wait for it.

Secondly, Pubg New State cannot be accessed in India if you are not using any VPN. Since pubg is banned in India, don’t believe in the videos uploaded on YouTube about Pubg New State.

It is the edited video where they merge the gameplay of Pubg mobile and the trailer of Pubg New State and easily bluffs you.

Is it possible to have early access to Pubg New State?

You will find the numbers of apk claiming that it is the original apk for Pubg New State. You are strongly recommended not to install any of that apk since it is not verified and may contain suspicious file, virus or data which may be harmful to your device.

Just have patience, krafton is going to launch its alpha version very soon for early access to Pubg New State.

Once it is launched, you will be notified. And you can download it easily from the play store.

If you are from India, you can’t use it directly since it is strictly banned in India. So to use it, you first have to use VPN to hide your location or IP address. And then you can play it without having any problem.

Avoid getting cheated after installing any unknown apk from any website. This will save your phone too from harmful files. Wait for the original Pubg New State alpha version to be launched, which will be notified soon.

Last Words

If you read this content before downloading any unknown apk on your phone or watching videos on Pubg New State gameplay, you are definitely on the safe side and won’t get cheated.

We hope so that you might be cleared about Pubg New State early access. So just have patience and wait for the right time to get started.

Still, please feel free to ask if you have any confusion regarding this Pubg New State early access. We feel pleasure to help you out from your confusing situation.

We will be very thankful if you just give feedback after reading this content. So that next time when you read us, we would be more user-friendly and a better version from the previous one.

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