Pubg New State best settings – updated!

What’s up, guys! If you came here, you might have installed Pubg New State and look for the best settings in it.

Or you want to fully get prepared by knowing the best settings of Pubg New State before the launch of an official game.

Two weeks ago, the alpha version of the game was launched, and you must be eager to know every change in Pubg New State.

Here we will only discuss the changes in the settings of Pubg New State and the best settings in it.

If you wanna know the changes in its gameplay, you have to read the last content of this website.

Main menu in the settings of PUBG New State

Once you open the Pubg New State alpha version, after accepting the terms and conditions, login and set the character and name dashboard of the game will appear with its ultra-realistic graphics.

The dashboard appears similar to that of Pubg, where you can easily find the settings in the downright corner of the screen.

The control and the menus are very similar to Pubg. 

The list of the main menu are:

  • Basic Play: Here, you can change the basic settings of the game.
  • Control: Here, you can change the basic layouts and controls of the game you will use while playing the game.
  • Vehicles: Here, you can change the layout of driving the vehicle in the game.
  • Sensitivity: The sensitivity of your characters, guns and free look can be changed here.
  • Pick up: Here, you can set the limit of several ammos or kits to be picked while playing the game.
  • Graphics: Here, you can change the resolution, graphics and fps of the game.
  • Special effects: Here, you can change the different effects of the game in different stages. 

Best settings in the subMenu

Suppose you want to get the best settings for your Pubg New State. We will help you, but it can vary for different devices. 

There is a possibility that the settings given here are best for some devices and annoying for the other ones. So if this setting doesn’t work, adjust it by varying some parameters.

Insensitivity, it is recommended to keep it according to your gameplay because it varies much with different gamers.

So, here we will be helping you in giving the best settings for you Pubg New State.

Basic Play

In this menu, there are basic settings of the game.

You can exit the game by pressing the exit button and exiting to lobby if you enter into the game by mistake.

  • Sound Tracker
  • Sound Tracker with icon
  • 30 HUD

These are the various settings in the game which you must keep it enable for the best experience.


In this menu, you will find three different modes of your controls in the game.

Move, aim, and fire are in a fixed and floating position in different modes. According to your need, you can keep it in your way.

  • Jump: Default, Divide and swipe. Default is the best choice.
  • Peek: None, Divide and swipe. The divide will be the best choice.
  • Crouch: Default and Separate. A default will be the best choice.
  • Gyroscope: None, ADS only and only. Choose according to your satisfaction.
  • ADS button: Separate and Combined. Combined will be the best choice.
  • Camera Rotation: choose according to your phone.

You can also customize the position of your button of the game. It is according to your modes of playing, whether claw, two-finger or five-finger.

Claw or four fingers will be the best choice for the best gaming experience and better movement. Maximum gamers use this mode.

If you are an iPad or tablet player, you can have 5 or 6 finger settings for the best gameplay.


Here also you will find two different modes for riding the vehicle.

  • One-handed mode
  • Steering mode

You can also swipe and customize your controls of acceleration, braking, boosting and playing a horn.

You can also enable the music system for playing a song while riding the vehicle.

Pick up

You can set the limit for picking the ammo of different AR, SMGs, sniper rifles, shotguns, and pistols in this menu.

You can also set the limit for picking the meds, drinks, scope, grenades and smokes.


 If you have a high-end device, you can apply the graphics settings to their greatest extent without hesitation. Most probably, it will have no lag. 

If there are lags, you can lower one below the highest one.

Well, for normal graphics settings and smooth gameplay in a normal device, you can:-

  • Set graphics to balanced.
  • FPS to an extreme.
  • Auto adjusts fps must be disabled.
  • The notch screen must be set according to your device.

Special effects

In this menu, you can customize your effect such as:

  • Blood effect: When you hit the enemy, you can select the blood effect, either red or green, for showing the effect.
  • Aim: You can set the color of your aim according to your like.

Last words

The above-given settings are given according to our best concern. Hope you will like it and enjoy the gameplay after applying the best settings.

Still, if you have any questions regarding the sensitivity or the graphics, feel free to ask.

You can give feedback too and share it with your friends, and it will help us and motivate us to be a better version next time.

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