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Always reading this caption below the icon of Pubg New State is a bit annoying. Isn’t it?

But now you don’t have to wait much. Since the pre-registration of Pubg New State has already been started. Ooh!! Haven’t done that. Man, you are not a game lover. It already started on the 25th of October.

And you won’t believe 10 million pre-registration was done on the first day in Google Play Store.

PUBG New State logo

So if you haven’t done that, wait here first, go and register and fulfil your soul with the soulmate game Pubg New State. I don’t think you would be getting a problem with the registration.

If you have such a problem, don’t worry. We are here to help you.

Just go on reading, you will find every solution for your situation. Enjoy the content.

Devices where we can play Pubg New State

The newest edition for the Pubg franchise developed by krafton and Pubg mobile would be the best surprise for the battle royal fans worldwide.

But the thing does have the devices in which pubg New State can run. Yes, it’s a matter of importance. Since this game will be the largest of all and the thrilling one too, there are some requirements specification in the mobile.

Since it is not a free-fire or a call of duty or even a Pubg mobile, it’s a Pubg New State, bro!!! New State offers Ultra-Realistic Graphics by using Global illumination technology. So the thing is you must have the best possible device with you.

It can run on devices:-

  • Android
  • iOS
  • On windows through an emulator
  • Will come for Xbox and PS too.

You can easily install it and play on devices such as Android, iOS or Xbox or PS. But you can’t do the same while playing through an emulator. Don’t worry, read the next section.

How can we play Pubg New State through an emulator?

Let us suppose Pubg New State is launched, and you wanna play it through an emulator. Just follow the steps.

Step 1 – First, you need to have the best emulator ever that is BlueStacks. It provides you with an immense pleasure platform so that you can play without any lag or ping problem.

Step 2 – After downloading the BlueStacks from its official website, which is readily available on any windows.

Step 3 – Open the main screen and search for Pubg New State and click on download.

Step 4 – Just make sure you have stable and high-speed internet connectivity.

Step 5 – After downloading, just go to the download section and enjoy playing the Pubg New State Emulator game.

How to pre-register for Pubg New State?

Pre-registration of the newest edition of the Pubg franchise, Pubg New State, has already been started. Android and iOS user both are luckier here; that version is available for both of them.

So before you play Pubg New State, there is a pre-registration process; if you want to do just follow the steps given below:-

Step 1 – First, open the Google Play Store and search Pubg New State.

Step 2 – After opening the Pubg New State page, tap on the “pre-register”.

Step 3 – Next, a pop up will appear on the screen for the confirmation of pre-registration. It will ask you whether to notify you when the installation process of the game will start. You just have to accept that.

Step 4 – And that’s done. Congratulations you are among the one who has registered for the massive entertainment.

If you want to pre-register from the official website, there is a process too. Follow the steps given below:-

Step 1 – First, open the official website of Pubg New State.

Step 2 – There you will find the icon of pre-register. Just click on that button.

Step 3 – A pop-up screen will appear and ask for the email id, through which you want to register.

Step 4 – Write the email id which you generally use in your Google Play games.

Step 5 – Next, a confirmation message will come on that pop-up screen.

And that’s done.

Can Indian play Pubg New State?

There are some unlucky ones who, at present, won’t get access to Pubg New State pre-registration. These include the country India, China and Vietnam.

But that’s not the matter of worry. Today is the dark days for it. And the time for coming of the bright day is not much far.

Since krafton company is struggling for us with the Indian government, we can play pubg and Pubg New State.

Every day we are getting an update from the government. It will come soon. Moreover, krafton has left none, creating a problem for the Pubg aggressiveness to the Indian government.

So the possibility of the launching of Pubg and Pubg New State in India is increased.

But don’t worry, there is a solution to every problem. No sooner do the krafton will launch it. We will tell you the steps where you can easily install the Pubg New State. No matter you are from India or china.

Last words

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