Pubg New State update

So, you want to know about updates in PUBG.

There would be no doubt that you would be excited for pubg new state game, the brand new game developed by krafton inc.

Definitely, you must not get any update related to Pubg New State. Are you eager to listen to Pubg New State updates. 

From our previous article, you were informed about the alpha version of Pubg New State. And also krafton is opening the pre-registration for the iOS user.

Being more informative we want to add one more good news. And The good news is that krafton informed us that the alpha version is going to be released in the 2nd quarter of the year 2021. And so the time has come to end your patience, just hold on.

What makes Pubg New State the best?

The craze for Pubg was at its peak. If you want proof then you must know the fact that no sooner does Pubg was banned in India, almost every user either shifted to the Korean version of Pubg or used VPN to play the global version of pubg.

Just think what will be the level of the craze when Pubg will come in the form of Pubg New State where it is enhanced with modern weapons, vehicles, technology, and an amazing and adventurous map.

Do Pubg New State will have the older map or will have new map?

After the release of the trailer in the official Twitter handle of Pubg New State, still, there are the user who is confused whether it has a new map or will go with the older one.

Yes, we were happy with erangle, sanhok, miramer and livik. But we are not playing on it anymore.

Now Pubg New State has a brand new 8*8 map named Troi. You would know that the game is set in the year 2051 with exclusive, amazing, and explosives weapons with the brand new innovative vehicle.

According to the teaser, there was a city named Troi which was once a very peaceful city, with innovative and inventions. 

Now in 2051, it has become a city of destruction with severe poverty and economic backwardness which led it to the way of darkness.

This unique battle royal game has almost changed the way of thinking of gamers in the field of graphics.

Till today what was not possible, is made possible by Krafton by the means of this Pubg New State. It has an ultra-realistic graphic that has almost exceeded the limit in every aspect. Its graphics, controls, themes and the maps too could be the best aspect.

So in this way, Pubg New State differs from Pubg.

We can say that Pubg New State is going to leave a footprint on the sands of time. From which now almost every game will try to compare but won’t get succeed much easier.

How can the map of Pubg New State differ from the maps of Pubg?

In pubg there are several maps such as erangle: the default and most loved map, sanhok: the greenery and best for snake players, miramer: desert tier pushing map, vikendi: a small snow field with intense fights. 

These are the maps which include almost 35 minutes (average) of one complete gameplay.

It also has the minimap of those big maps, with an arena for team deathmatch and one cheer park with a training ground for practice.

Particular events are also added to the maps of erangle to get more thrilling fun.

In the case of Pubg New State, only the trailer has blown the mind of the gamer to such an extent that it has increased the craze for them resulting in crossing over 10 million registration when krafton has opened the pre-registration.

Not many things are known about the Pubg New State. But we can clearly get a view from the trailer that it includes the map known Troi with realistic graphic and destructive weapons, high-speed new tech vehicles, drones, and many more innovative parameters are there to explain this map.

Pre-registration is already done. Krafton has already updated that they will release the alpha version in the second quarter of this year.

Pre-registration for iOS users will also get open very soon as acknowledged by the krafton.

Last words

We know that your mind would be full of hush and rush, being impatient for playing Pubg New State and eager to listen to updates on this topic. 

Surely you would be updated after reading it, and also would have taken knowledge of the maps of Pubg New State and how they differ by the maps of Pubg.

So now help us to become better by giving feedback. Surely next time you would be surprised to see the different version.

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