Pubg New State vs Freefire max which is better

These days if by chance you listen that someone is distracted, you may think that it is distracted by the game.

Well, this can be the view of the parents.

But if anyone has an adolescent mind. Then surely this distraction can’t be named as a game. It can be named as protection from pressure.

And if we go deeper in the world of games approx 90% of gamers would be inspired by the battle royal game.

There is a list of battle royal games such as pubg, free fire, call of duty, Fortnite, and pubg new state, which will be released very soon.

Here we will have the word fight on Pubg New State versus free fire. So just stay calm and read the reality.

Differences based on Size, Graphics, and Gameplay

Below you get differences in both game based on their size, graphics, and gameplay, and all this shows that how both games is different.

After understanding all terms not forget to tell us, which game is the best battle royale game.



The size of both the battle royale games varies from each other to a larger extent.

The latest version of free fire, which is 1.60.1 (mobile version), has 710 MB. After downloading the resource pack, it can exceed up to to 1GB.

In the case of the free-fire PC version, the size is 1.6 GB, and after downloading the resource back, it can exceed up to 2GB.

Pubg New State

The pubg new state is not released, but it is expected that the beta version of pubg the new state mobile can be up to 2GB.

Since the new state combines graphics of pubg PC and pubg mobile gameplay, the final size of pubg the new state is expected up to 30 GB.



If we talked about the popularity and downloads of the game, the free fire would win, but it is only in the absence of Pubg New State.

Yes, there are 500 million downloads of free fire. But do it mean that the graphics of free fire would be better than Pubg New State?

The answer would be no.

The graphics of free fire would be good, but only when it is not compared with Pubg new state.

Freefire has simple cartoonish graphics which use simple texturizing and detailing with no similarity with the real-world object.

And hence it requires less internet connection, and the requirement is very low. And hence it can be run on a low-end device with a minimum requirement of Android 4.0 or ice cream with a minimum storage of 600 MB of Ram.

Pubg New State

While we talk about pubg new state, the graphics are designed by an unreal engine of pubg studio who has promised that this game has ultra-realistic graphics.

And it also seems to be proved if we see the three images uploaded on the Pubg New State official handle of Twitter.

The game interface is almost the same as the Pubg mobile version, with some differences in appearance.

The game has realistic ultra HD graphics with detailed and smooth textures.

Moreover, you can play on both perspectives, i.e., first-person perspective (FPP) and third-person perspective (TPP), while on the other side, we can’t play FPP in a free fire.

Maps and gameplay


Freefire includes three maps in it, namely Bermuda, Purgatory, and Kalahari.

Here 54 players, having 13 squads and some bots, fight to get booyah. Players have their choice to play in squad, duo, or solo.

They can get booyah with the help of guns having skin, different characters, and mainly glue walls. For rushing and escaping, they can use a vehicle too.

There are different ways to play it for fun, such as clash squad, bomb squad, rampage, and TDM. 

Pubg New State

If we talk about the map of Pubg New State, it has the map named Troy, which is set in the year 2051.

The story behind the game is depicted as that once Troy was a peaceful and rich city, it became the city of sorrow, destruction, and inhumane.

In a game, 100 players can join at once, having 25 squad members.

 They can use destructive weapons such as long-range snipers, SMG, shotguns, and mid-range rifle guns to defeat their opponent and acquire the number 1 position to get the chicken.

To escape or quick rush, you can use new tech vehicles. Even you can use drones or call a drop-through flare for help to win the game.

Last Words

We hope that you would have enjoyed the fight between free-fire and Pubg New State.

Overall, we can say that free-fire is incomparable with Pubg New State because of its low graphics and sensitivity.

Still, both have their big fan base in the world of battle royale games. So both are best in their way.

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