Pubg New State release date on Android 2021 in India

Welcome!Fans of Pubg New State

Since the release of the official trailer back in February, you guys have been eagerly waiting for your chance to jump into Troi: the only known map in Pubg: New State.

That’s why here we are so excited to announce the registration for Pubg New State closed alpha will be starting in just a few days.

With the games’ current specification and network capabilities of the potential region, the officials have decided to host a closed alpha test.

The bad news about it is that this test will only be hosted in the United States of America, and that too for only a limited android user.

With the feedback we got from alpha, they will continue developing Pubg: New State.

And then it will be a showcase to an audience with a wider extent all over the globe in the coming days.

The good news is for the iOS user that krafton has announced that pre-registration for iOS users will be starting very soon.

So be sure to check out our website regularly for the latest details so that you can be the first lucky one to play the Pubg New State alpha test.

Pubg New State release date in india/pakistan

Since the trailer was launched in February 2021 with its pre-registration for the United state and only for Android users, there may be some time for the official game’s release.

Ten million pre-registration is only the United States motivated Krafton to release the game as soon as possible.

Krafton hasn’t talked about its official release of the game. But at the same time, they updated that they will release the alpha version of the Pubg New State for the test.

They told me that the release of this alpha version would be done in the second quarter of this year.

The alpha version is only for the United States. And since pre-registration was for only android users therefore only Android users can go for it. And that too, krafton has announced that there will be a limited number of Android users who can take the pleasure of the alpha version of Pubg New State.

Pubg New State exact release date

11 November 2021

Recently, Krafton released another trailer of Pubg New State, making the possibility very strong for the launching of closed alpha Pubg New State, just after completing pre-registration in just a few days(5 to 6).

They also announced that they would open the pre-registration for iOS users within these days, which will be very good news.

With the news of these updates, we can easily predict that krafton has made a strong mind for the release of this game.

No sooner will the alpha version will be released, they will check and repair whatever the bug will be in the game, and then within a month or two, they can remove the best ultra-realistic graphics game that is Pubg: New State.

You must be remembered that krafton has also announced in February that they will release the alpha version of the game in the second quarter of this year.

And the time has come. It is time to be happy and has a smile on your face. There is no reason to worry about whether it will be released in India or not.

Since they also told that after the development of Pubg New State, they would extend the audience after getting positive results.

What is the expected size of Pubg New State?

Since the game seems to be very heavy because of its ultra-realistic graphics and gameplay of this game, you must have an idea of the size of the game.

The game’s expected size must vary from 30GB to 40GB when comparing it with a heavy game like GTA 5.

But the Alpha version of this game will not take much storage since the purpose of its launch is to check the smoothness and bugs in the game.

Devices with Android version 6 and above with more than 3GB RAM can play Pubg New State on their phone. But if you want to take pleasure in the smoothness and ultra-realistic graphics of this game, you must have the latest version of Android with the latest processor and six or more 6 GB RAM.

Last words

We hope that we helped you to keep your patience when you read this article. Hope all your confusion might be cleared about Pubg: New State release date.

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