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Download PUBG New State Apk and OBB File for your Android, PC Windows 10, 11, 8, 7, iOS, and Mac. Know about its features, weapons, settings, Facts, and update.

PUBG New State Game
Real NamePUBG New State
CategoryFree Multiplayer Action Game
Release Date11 November 2021
Latest VersionVaries with device
RequirementVaries with device
Game Size1.2 GB
Playstore IDcom.pubg.newstate.beta
Developer’s NameKRAFTON

If you’re tired of PUBG Mobile, then PUBG NEW STATE is the perfect game for you. PUBG NEW STATE has many different features that make it a unique and exciting experience.

The developer of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has announced that the game’s newest update will be released in India. The PUBG New State APK files are now accessible. The game’s publisher also revealed the release date for the PUBG New State game.

In early 2021, the game completed the alpha test. PUBG New State OBB files are now available for Android, iOS, and PC.

There is a new game in the App Store. It will be released for Android and iOS too. There are more places you can get it now. The release date of the game in India has also been revealed. Currently, there is a link to download the APK file on its website.

Pubg new state

If you don’t know, let me tell you that there are so many versions of PUBG Mobile like PUBG Mobile KR, PUBG Mobile China, PUBG Mobile Global, and many others. You can download and play any of them on your ingenious devices. Similarly, like Other versions, PUBG: New State is also one of them.

What is PUBG: New State

PUBG New state is a new game that is going to be launched soon by PUBG mobile corporation, It is based on the 2051 game set. In this Game, you will see modern weapons, drones, high-quality HDR graphics, and many more. The gameplay of the PUBG New state completely takes the PUBG to the next level.

Another game from Krafton Inc. is PUBG New State, a new online multiplayer shooting game based on the same idea as PUBG Mobile. This game has players encountering one another across an unknown battlefield.

So many questions may arise in your mind like, Is PUBG: New State is launched in India? If not, then why? And many more. Here we will tell you everything about the PUBG: New State, Its features, how it is different from PUBG Mobile, its early access, and many more. And most importantly, what are its chances of release in India.

This game is now in 2021. It is getting a new edition: PUBG New State. This edition takes place in 2051, and there are many changes and additions.

So If you want to know everything about PUBG New State, then just stick with this article and read it until the end.

PUBG New State Apk

PUBG New State will be released on November 11, 2021. PUBG New State was completed in alpha and beta testing early in 2021. Also, the company announced last week that it would be available for Android also.

pubg new state game APK Download

If we talk about the Pubg New state apk, then there is no official apk launched by the Pubg officials to date. But there are so many YouTubers that claim in their content about the Pubg new state apk, but those content are fake.

Let me tell you here that Pubg new state has not been released to date. Only pre-registration of Pubg new state is going on. So if you want to pre-register yourself for the Pubg new state, you can do it directly from the google play store.

But here also the pre-registration of Pubg new state is baned in India. An Indian user cannot pre-register for this Game. Suppose you want to know more about the. Game and wanna know that why Indians are banned for pre-registration, then keep reading our article.

Also, we will tell you about what are the chances of the release of this game in India, whether it will be launched in India.

PUBG New Sate Vs PUBG Mobile (BattleGrounds Mobile India)

battle ground mobile india vs new state

Before I tell you anything, let me tell you one thing. PUBG New State is different from PUBG Mobile (BattleGrounds Mobile India) and PUBG other games. Also, it is much better in every case and every point of view. If we talk about the difference between the PUBG Mobile and PUBG new date, there are so many.

The fundamental difference between both of them is the game set! As we all know that the PUBG Mobile is based on an ancient game set, where PUBG New state is based on 2051 era game state.

What is a PUBG New state game set?

Every Game is based on a time and year, and PUBG New state is based on 2051. This means the PUBG New State resources are game-like; Trees, houses, grass, roads, weapons, and many other things are pretending and look very modern.

Also, the in-game characters and other things like scopes, grips, etc., are made and designed based on the year 2051. While playing the PUBG New state, you will feel like you are living in the year 2051.

But if we look at the PUBG mobile, we will see those old houses, trees, weapons, scopes, grips, etc. Which is based on the ancient era. The second and most crucial difference between the PUBG mobile and PUBG New State is its graphics and design.

If we talk and compare both the games from a graphics point of view, then both the games are entirely different from each other. As shown in its trailer, the graphics of the PUBG New State is genuinely unique, and the maps and its other in-game resources are very satisfying.

PUBG New State comes with superb Ultra HDR graphics support, as shown in its trailer, and it looks very different from the old PUBG Mobile. All the houses, trees, grass, water reflection, sunlight, and shadows are detailed, giving a next-level experience and feeling while playing the Game.

Talking about the graphics of the PUBG Mobile then its graphics are not much good concerning the PUBG New State. On comparing both of them, you can see much difference between both of them.

Also, PUBG New State is the clear winner in the case of graphics from the PUBG Mobile. Apart from this, we can also see many differences between both games. More effective and new weapons may be added in the PUBG New state.

And maybe we should see more exciting and high-quality maps in the PUBG New State, which are entirely different from the PUBG Mobile. Also, it has been said that we should experience a 90 & 120 FPS gameplay in the PUBG New state.

Where we can only play on the highest 60 to 70 FPS in PUBG Mobile. Since the PUBG New State is based on the 2051 year game set, it is clear that this Game must be different from the PUBG Mobile. Also, It must be different and better than the PUBG other games.

Specification of PUBG New State

As the information is given on the play store, the PUBG New State is registered on Android devices. It can be played on Android devices, having a RAM of 2.5 GB(Giga Bytes) and OS of 6.0 (Marshmallow).

The further specifications may be announced by the Krafton and Pubg New State developers soon. Also, there is no sign of PUBG New State for iOS or PC. But it has been said that it will be launched for iOS and PC users soon by the PUBG developers.

Feature of PUBG New State

  • Apart from Erangel and Sanhok, players will be able to access additional maps.
  • The year 2051 is depicted in the game.
  • The game employs cutting-edge technology and weaponry.
  • In this game, as well, there were new ballistic drones and shields.
  • Additional features, including immersive graphics, were incorporated into the game.
  • The appearance of the character, including the wardrobe and accessories.
  • This is a fantastic action-adventure game. The player can drive around in various vehicles, including electric cars from the early 2050s, such as the Tesla Roadster and Nissan Leaf. It also includes new futuristic features, such as Tesla Roadster and many additional capabilities.

Here are some of the best feature of PUBG New State, below you get small list of features which show you why this game is capturing this gaming market so rapidly.

Land in the Future

The Pubg New State is based on future technology. But its gaming principle is the same as the PUBG Mobile. One hundred players will land in an 8km X 8km map named Tori and fight and defeat their opponents.

They can take the help of hi-tech weapons like Ballistic Shield, drones, etc., for defeating their enemies. Which is entirely different from the PUBG Mobile and takes the gaming to the next level.

Customize Your Weapons

Players can customize their weapons based on their needs. They have to collect customization kits from the various places in-game and can customize their weapons.

Those kits can help the players transform the weapons into beast mode and defeat them more easily by shooting them. One can transform the weapons based on their needs and increase the performance of their weapon; fire mode selection can also add grenade launcher attachments.

High end Graphics

As shown in its trailer and I have said above, the PUBG New State graphics are truly unique.

It offers realistic graphics that take the gaming experience to the next level and beat all the other mobile games.

Its Ultra realistic graphics provide the user a natural type of feeling and experience.

How To Download And Install The PUBG NEW STATE APK + OBB File?

After the official release, PUBG New State will be available on the relevant app stores. In addition, it can also be downloaded from us if you prefer to use a third-party downloader.

Step 1- Download the latest PUBG NEW STATE APK + OBB File from our given link

Step 2- Open the downloaded folder and click on the file.

Step 3- Allow installing from unknown sources.

Step 4- Click on the Install button.

Step 5- Wait! Now you have successfully installed the PUBG NEW STATE APK + OBB File on your device.

All Versions Of PUBG New State

VersionUpdate Date
v1.0.1Sept 9th, 2020
v1.0.0Sept 8th, 2020
v0.19.0July 7th, 2020
v0.18.0May 7th, 2020
v0.17.0Mar 3rd, 2020
v0.16.0Feb 25th, 2020
v1.3.1Apr 12th, 2021
v1.3.0Mar 9th, 2021
v1.2.0Jan 12th, 2021
v1.1.0Nov 10th, 2020

Some Amazing Facts About PUBG New State

  • Play with future gadgets:Players can use future gadgets like drones, ballistic shields, hi-tech weapons, etc. With the help of which players can increase their chances of survival.
  • Various Combat options:Various combat modes and other movement options are added in this PUBG New State game. Such that players can use them to fight and defeat their enemies like a professional.
  • Open World Game:Like PUBG Mobile and other PUBG games, players can play on an 8km X 8km map. As per the information provided by the Google play store, players can use various vehicles to navigate themself along with their teammates.
  • Non- Chinese:This is the most critical fact for Indian Players like us. PUBG New State is designed and developed by Krafton Inc., which is a South-Korean video game company. So the chances that it will release in India are high.
  • Premium Graphics:As shown in its official trailer, PUBG New State has excellent graphics. It provides ultra-realistic graphics on which a user can play with a maximum of 90 to 120 fps if supported by the device. The graphics of PUBG New State takes the Mobile gaming graphics to the next level.

PUBG New State – Playing Rules

If you are already a Pubg Mobile player, then the rules are as same as the Pubg Mobile. One hundred real-time players will land on an 8km X 8km map Tori and fight against and defend themselves from the enemies, and survive till the end, making yourself safe from the blue zone and the red zone.

You can defend yourself using the hi-tech gadgets given in the Game. Also, you can defeat or kill your enemies using modern hi-tech weapons, which you can also customize on your own. The last one surviving will win the Game and get the title of Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

FAQ’s on PUBG New State

PUBG New State pre-register process?

Go to the play store – Search for the PUBG New state  Click on pre-register – Add the details, and you are good to go.

The Game’s alpha testing will begin in the second half of 2021, as announced by the PUBG New State on its Facebook page.

Krafton Inc. is not planning to release their PUBG New State in India, as said by Krafton Inc. recently. So there is not any release date regarding the release of PUBG new state in India.

Since PUBG Mobile was banned in India by the Indian government, it has been said that it has been linked with a Chinese company Tencent. So that’s the reason why Indian users cannot pre-register the PUBG new state from any platform.

Krafton Inc. PUBG New state is made by Krafton Inc., which is a South-Korean video game company.

There are three countries where PUBG New State pre-registration is not started yet; India, Vietnam, and China’s worst one. Apart from these three countries, the pre-registration is going on in the other countries.

Smooth Graphics with Extreme Framerates. This is the best graphics for PUBG if you don’t want to experience any kind of lag while playing.

There is no beta version of PUBG new state available on the internet to date, so you cannot download it.

PUBG Failed to initialize the steam due to its issue with the steam client. You can force restart the system to fix this issue.

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Thank you for visiting our blog post-PUBG NEW STATE APK + OBB File download link. If you have any queries, feel free to ask via the comment section.

Public Review of PUBG new State

Amazing, genuinely satisfying graphics. Waiting for this Game to come.

Siva Midas
Waiting to play this Game. Fantastic.
PUBG: New State

Download PUBG New State Apk and OBB for your Android, PC Windows 10, 8, 7, iOS, and Mac. Know about its features, weapons, settings, Facts, and update.

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